This website is a glimpse into my electronic learning, testing and projects at various levels. My username is a combination of two words; blink (getting started with electronics usually involves blinking an LED - it is like the ‘Hello, World!’ of programming) and maker (i feel very inspired with the Maker culture and the incredible talent of contributors sharing their ideas, knowledge and helping others for free).

My motivation

I’ve stumbled across many impressive projects which surprisingly turned out to be open source. The hard work by the community of makers is admirable and no doubt appreciated. Anyone with internet access can improve their knowledge and skills. This website aims to promote the same mindset of sharing knowledge. I hope that my posts will be useful to other electronic hobbyists, enthusiasts and students. Feedback, suggestions and improvements are most welcome.

Proudly part of the Maker Movement

I’m a fan and supporter of the Maker culture. I believe that knowledge should be shared for the greater good and to inspire more people to create, make, fix and improve things in their life. A lot of work has gone into the projects showcased on this website. The project code and designs can be freely used and tweaked. If you’re using any part of my work, please include a reference.